NAPS – Can They All Be Wrong?

During July’s monthly consultative with the USPS, I asked the following question: “If this non-postal letterhead and unsigned stand-up talk on delaying mail was not an ‘official’ USPS Headquarters directive, was an official USPS Headquarters directive issued to clarify and direct against implementation of the unauthorized document?”

The answer was as could have been predicted, “No.” However, what was not so predictable were the bizarre statements that came after that response.

What followed was strange dialogue from a USPS leader stating that employee groups such as NAPS do not like the new PMG because he is a Trump supporter; the Washington Post reported it, so we all believe it. To say this statement caught me off guard would be an understatement—in addition to the fact the comments were inappropriate for a supposed corporate setting.

I want to look analytically at the subject of who is connecting the president to the USPS and what has resulted.

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Time to cut the fat boys!

need a giant chainsaw to cut all that fat

Check out where and who are getting the big fat bonuses at the post office even low level friends getting bonuses check form fifties at office the friends getting bonuses for doing nothing but stealing u ask how previous postmasters would give carriers their passwords the one carrier came out of postmaster office bragging about once I got past the encryption it was a piece of cake no one will speak up they are a pack of retaliation just investigate