March 24, 2023
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TJ McCord
1 year ago

Why hasn’t the mask policy changed? Clearly the Nalc is overlooking the CDC guidance on mask wearing. They state we no longer need masks indoors. Please allow us to choose to wear one or not.

Reply to  TJ McCord
1 year ago

federal has dropped mandate ,CDC and every county in NYS we are still wearing these G damn masks

Liza Daly
Reply to  Jay
1 year ago

Gentlemen, as a former USPS employee who accepted termination two months ago for insubordination, rather than resigning for a third time over refusal to comply with mask mandates (and unfair enforcement practices), I wish you good luck and godspeed in your quest to be rid of those “g-damn masks”. If only someone would organize a large group protest within the USPS!
I’m hoping for postal workers’ face liberty soon, (even though it’s too late for me) because every good and dedicated USPS worker is an everyday American hero entitled to American freedoms.
Blessed be.

Reply to  Liza Daly
1 year ago

No one can give an answer why we still have to wear them either