NALC files national-level grievance regarding USPS delivery initiative

Earlier this week, pursuant to Article 15, Section 3.F of the National Agreement, NALC initiated a national-level grievance regarding the Postal Service’s unilateral implementation of the delivery initiative test called Expedited Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS).

On July 16, 2020, USPS notified NALC of the ESAS test that was scheduled to begin on July 25 in approximately 400 test sites. On July 28, USPS provided us with revised guidelines for the test. The ESAS initiative substantially alters delivery practices and procedures outlined in the Handbooks M-39 and M-41. These changes directly impact terms and conditions of employment of city letter carriers in violation of Article 19 of the National Agreement.

The ESAS test imposes restrictions on letter carriers’ morning casing duties which conflict with M-39 Section 121.211. Similarly, the ESAS test prevents carriers from withdrawing mail in violation of M-41 Section 223.11. Additionally, letter carriers do not obtain accountable items until after they have pulled the mail from the case in violation of M-41 Section 262.1.

The ESAS test raises the same fundamental interpretive issue that NALC has raised in previous national level disputes: whether the Postal Service may suspend compliance with the National Agreement or applicable regulations under the guise of conducting a “test.” It remains our position that management may not unilaterally implement tests which are inconsistent with regulations outlined in handbooks and manuals without first reaching an agreement with the Union.

NALC has requested a meeting with the Postal Service to discuss this interpretive dispute.

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I don’t think that a major Trump donor is the new postmaster general! Trump’s already starting the sabotage of the mail in vote to make his case of an illegitimate presidential vote in November! We all should feel really uncomfortable about this situation!

Again dis function is the consistent thing in this postal service. The suits in HQs are so out of touch with what a letter carrier does day in day out it’s unbelievable again in order to change for the better of the service come and see what a mail handler does, a clerk, a custodian, and a letter carrier

I WISH someone would shadow me for a day. I WISH people that push crap around behind a desk that have ZERO clue about what it is we do would actually find out what the day to day details and what we put up with. Unions need to do better. City carriers are screwed over alot. Being a Rural guy, I get stabbed from behind with these “policy betterings”. It’s not like it was before. Everyone trying to line their pockets now and screw the people over that we serve for.

I’m a city carrier. Currently pending the two f/u covid 19 tests required to return to duty after being “clinically” cleared from the virus for work. I’m currently have a preexisting condition for whatever I have left of my lungs and “PTSD” combated related from proudly serving this country for over 24 years. During my 15 years with the USPS as a clerk, mailhandler/204b, city carrier, there’s no way in hades I’m returning to this NIGHTMARE! This will be and is psychological terror.

Confustion is the name of the game. 80 more days , after 40 years of service as a letter carrier thank GOD i will retire