Mural depicting slavery covered up at Catonsville Post Office after Mfume, state lawmakers call for its removal

A deteriorating 1942 mural entitled “Incidents in the History of Catonsville” that includes a portrayal of Black slaves pulling barrels of tobacco alongside white men on horses has been covered over in plastic in the town’s post office after state and federal representatives called for its replacement.

The three-panel mural, painted on the walls of the post office by New Deal-era artist Avery Johnson, is one of at least 16 pieces of artwork in 12 states that an “artwork workgroup” of high-level U.S. Postal Service officials, including attorneys and the Postal Service’s federal preservation officer, have ordered to be covered, according to New York travel blogger Evan Kalish, who has chronicled doings at more than 10,000 post offices across 50 states on his blog Postlandia.

It’s unclear as of yet what will become of the paintings.

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It should stay to remind children of the past I am a descendant of slavery and I never want people to forget it’s a true part of our history .