More Baton Rouge mail found dumped as garbage

BATON ROUGE – A property manager says they found a bag full of mail left for garbage.

Debbie Henning manages several units as a realtor at Sherwood Forest Townhomes off S. Flannery Road in Baton Rouge.

Henning tells 2 On Your Side the property has seen some illegal dumping recently, and on her ride around the development Monday evening she found a plastic bag in a puddle. She picked it up noticing there was paper material inside, and upon further inspection found the bag was holding addressed mail. Some of the items were fliers for an area gym, the rest was mail that hadn’t been delivered.

“Oh my goodness there were things from the Dean of LSU Law School, there were Louisiana tax refunds,” said Henning.

Other items included mail from AT&T, T-Mobile, Cox, and Capitol One.

She says there was personal mail in the bag and some of it was postmarked last week on March 6, 2019. Henning couldn’t believe what she found.


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