Montecito Resident Keith Yeager Helps Rescue Mail Carrier in Distress

Montecito resident Keith Yeager was enjoying one of his regular afternoon walks when he came across a harrowing scene. A man was down on the sidewalk looking distressed.

“I was shocked to see this man laid out on the pavement,” Yeager told Noozhawk.

Yeager said that as he got closer, he realized that the man was an employee of the U.S. Postal Service. The mail was just sitting on the sidewalk, and the mail truck was parked on the street.

Yeager, a well-known Montecito resident and board member for the Montecito Emergency Response and Recovery Action Group, MERRAG, said he sprung into action without giving it a second thought.

“I immediately started doing something,” Yeager said, adding that his adrenaline was pumping. “I didn’t care about COVID-19. I was concerned about his life and his family.”

Yeager said he checked the man’s pulse and vitals, examined his nails, and put into place the rescue techniques that he learned through his CERT training. He also called 911, ran into his home to get some ice, and applied it to the man’s neck and head.

“I cooled him off,” Yeager said.


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