Mold discovered in ceiling of Muscle Shoals Post Office

MUSCLE SHOALS — The presence of mold in the ceiling of the U.S. Post office on Avalon Avenue was the reason the facility was closed abruptly in March after being shuttered for several months last year.

It’s still unclear why the post office closed in August, but Kreg Kennedy, the district field representative for U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, said USPS officials told him Friday the mold was discovered when contractors were investigating a leak in the roof.

The revelation is the first time the postal service has released specific information about the recent closure.

“We have been banging our heads against the wall trying to get some information, which is frustrating,” Kennedy said.

The California contractor who leases the building to the postal service will have the roof replaced, Kennedy said, a job that’s expected to be completed sometime in mid to late June.

The postal service will have to inspect the building before it is reopened, Kennedy said.


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