Mobile-friendly version of ePayroll available

USPS has introduced a mobile-friendly version of ePayroll that allows employees to see their earning statements on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

The ePayroll mobile application became available last week.

The app displays the same earning statements that employees see when they use ePayroll on a desktop computer, but the information is formatted for easy scrolling on a mobile device.

Employees can view the app by using a mobile device or desktop computer to log into The app is also available on LiteBlue.

To access the app, employees must enter their eight-digit employee identification number and password.

The Postal Service wants all managers and supervisors to tell employees about the app, which Accounting Services developed.


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As usual they have to change something that already worked fine.

This new version sucks

I hate the new mobile version.

Terrible. The paystub form was working just fine. Got to look at everything all at once as opposed to clicking on different things

If it’s not broke, let’s fix it!

Doesn’t work half a time, shows an error saying “Invalid username/password”, especially on Sunday preceding the payday. You can verify that your info is correct, by clicking right there on the USPS logo in left corner of the app, it will take you to “liteblue” login page, similar to the page e-payroll used before. Enter your login/pass info. and it takes you right in … nothing wrong with your credentials. Right there you can see the “Employee Apps – Quick Links” and can click on ePayroll ling again …. too bad it takes you right back to the improved (read:… Read more »

i want chk my pay stuff

my liteblue password reset it is not working from may 24 2022 can you send new linkerset liteblue password as soon as pleas