Mississippi postal worker blames broken gate for stolen truck and personal belongings

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A local US Postal Service worker had his personal truck stolen from a postal service parking lot.

The supposed-to-be secured lot has a broken gate, according to Jewil Akins.

“I would like to see in the future this fence – where we park our vehicles – they get this gate working so where you could use your id in order to enter the parking lot,” Akins said.

Akins is a federal postal worker.

On Wednesday night, Akins saw his truck stolen from him while he was unloading the USPS work truck.

“I looked back and someone was pulling out of the parking lot in my vehicle,” Akins said. “My first instinct was to just take off behind it, but they were moving too fast.”

This is not the first time the Mississippi man had something stolen from him at work.

A few years back, he said his toolbox was taken from his truck.

Akins said he just cashed a check to pay his rent. That money, along with his friend’s keys, and personal items, were inside his truck.

“My address, my garage open, everything was in that vehicle,” Akins said.

FOX13 reached out to USPS for comment about the gate problems.

“The Postal Service is aware of the broken gate to the employee lot at the B.B. King Boulevard location.  We will have the gate repaired as soon as possible,” Susan Wright, a spokesperson for USPS, wrote in an email.

Akins wants his truck back, he said he planned on giving it to his son.


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