Milton NC post office closed due to snake infestation

Sources familiar with the situation say that the Milton Post Office is closed due to a snake infestation in the building.

In August, the United States Postal Service announced the building was “closed for maintenance” but did not mention any reptiles.

It was noted then that the Milton branch would close and all Milton PO Box users could pick up their mail in Semora, 5 miles away.

Later in August, the Milton branch briefly resumed operations in a mobile unit, however, a trip by the Milton branch revealed the temporary mobile vehicle is closed due to mechanical problems.

USPS did not immediately return comment. This story will be updated when more information is available.


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Closed to the public, I’d guarantee the employees are being forced to work inside the snake infested building. The USPS holds no concern whatsoever for employee safety and well-being. The residents of Milton need to request a visit from their Congressional Representative as well as local and national TV Reporters.

Hell, every Post office has a snake infestation. They’re called Post Masters!