Michigan, N.D., Post Office closed … again because of strong odor

The reason for this round’s closure is the same as the last: complaints of a strong odor, said Lauri Rysavy, Michigan mayor.

The post office initially closed in the town about 70 miles west of Grand Forks on Jan. 4. After the closure, multiple tests were conducted on the room in the Michigan mall that houses the post office, and the air quality was deemed good, she said.

The post office was reopened Jan. 23, but closed again a couple of days later, Rysavy said. The room and mall have thoroughly been checked and there has not been anything found amiss, she said.

For example, a representative of the Michigan Mall Association had the post office water fountain removed and capped, and checked to make sure the sewer pipe was not frozen and also checked it for pin holes, she said. Meanwhile, a plumbing company removed the toilet and replaced it with a new flange and wax ring. Ceiling tiles in the back entry also were replaced and the furnaces on top of the building were checked by a heating and air conditioning company, Rysavy said.

Other furnaces in the mall also were checked and found to be in proper working order, she said. Earlier air quality tests revealed no propane, mold or sewer issues, Rysavy noted.

Despite all of that, the U.S. Postal Service maintains that there is a hazardous odor in the post office, Rysavy said.

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