Merrick, NY man says he lost over $9,000 after check was stolen and washed

A Merrick man says he lost over $9,000 after one of his checks was stolen and washed by criminals.
Jim Kyser says he placed the envelope containing that check in a post office mailbox on Sunday.
“I have no idea how it happened but it’s pretty shocking that my account is still down $9,000 right now,” Kyser says.
The check had originally been made out to the United States Postal Service for a $258 P.O. Box fee.
It was dropped in the Merrick Post Office’s outdoor mailbox, but a thief got it, changed the name to Pierre Johnson and cashed it Monday evening.

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I feel bad for the victim but the bank/credit union will give back the money due to the theft. It may take some time time depending on the banks rules. I am sure the Postal Inspectors are working the case. A lot of these news reports just act like nothing is being done about these crimes when in fact they are aggressively being investigated.