Mayfield postmaster talks effort to get mail out after tornado

The Mayfield Post Office sustained severe damage in the Dec. 10 tornado that blew through western Kentucky and underwent a big effort to continue its work, ensuring that customers get Christmas cards, gifts and regular items, during what marks the post office’s “most challenging” time of the year.

“It was drastically affected,” Mayfield Postmaster Josh Jenkins told The Sun.

“One, the whole east side of our building collapsed. We are missing probably 80% of the roof to the building, and most of the equipment on the inside was destroyed. That’s the condition of the building.”

Meanwhile, Jenkins said all 54 employees who are under his supervision are OK. Three of them had major damage to their home and several of them lost vehicles, and had partial damage to their homes, but all of them and their immediate families are “alive and well.”

“The day after it happened, we had a team from Louisville come down, who immediately started up the clean-up process, and basically to clean up around the post office, salvage anything we could salvage and fence it off to protect from people to getting in and getting injured or something like that,” he said.


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