Maryland USPS worker with COVID-19 says recent outbreak is causing mail delays

BALTIMORE — Baltimore USPS customers may be experiencing mail delays due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak among Maryland postal employees.

A USPS spokeswoman confirmed 104 Maryland postal employees tested positive for COVID-19 from April 1 through April 7. Since March 2020, 1,159 postal employees in the state have tested positive for the coronavirus.

And while essential workers in Maryland have been eligible for vaccines since January 25, a postal worker with COVID-19 said this is the most cases he’s seen since the pandemic began.

“Things got back to normal for maybe two weeks and I think it’s worse now than it was when it first started. We have a ton of people out again,” he said.

The worker asked to remain anonymous over concerns he could lose his job

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The fact that the Postal Service will work sick employees 4-7 days before quarantining them has nothing to do with high COVID-19 outbreak numbers. The USPS response to COVID-19 is pathetic! No private company would be allowed to act the way USPS has.