Marcellus post office mercury spill is much bigger than public originally told

MARCELLUS, N.Y. — What U.S. Postal officials initially said was a small mercury spill due to broken light bulbs at a village post office actually is a bigger deal than that.

The spill involves a package of as much as 8 pounds of bulk mercury, according to a Facebook post from an employee at the post office, and at least some of it apparently leaked.

The spill of mercury caused the closure of the Marcellus post office last Monday. It could reopen by the end of this week.

It now has emerged that a postal facility in Rochester that the hazardous metal was routed through was shut down too, a spokeswoman confirmed. Both facilities remain closed as of Wednesday.

Mercury from the leaky package also reached Driver Middle School in Marcellus, according to the schools superintendent.

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