Many USPS vehicles lack air-conditioning, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema trying to change that

PHOENIX — On any given day, about 3,600 postal workers are on the streets in Arizona delivering mail. Only a fraction of mail delivery vehicles on the road have air conditioners, but Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema is hoping to change that.

“Less than 20% of our postal vehicles in Arizona have air conditioning, and inside those postal cars, the temperature can be as much as 20 degrees higher than it is outside,” Sinema said, noting the dangers postal workers deal with every day.

Some postal vehicles have been on the roads for decades. According to reports, the United States Postal Service fleet includes 190,000 local delivery vehicles, with many having gone into service between 1987 and 1994. Out of 3,625 postal vehicles in Arizona, only 583 have air conditioning.

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Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, why do you think USPS delivery vehicles don’t have air conditioning? To save on gas mileage and associated repair costs. I’d love to have every USPS delivery vehicles have AC but the added cost will mean more money for stamps and services.