Manager of Customer Services at Fall River Post Office arrested for allegedly stealing mail

BOSTON – A U.S. Postal employee was arrested today and charged in federal court in Boston with stealing mail believed to contain controlled substances.

Shawn M. Herron, 44, of Whitman, Mass., was charged in a criminal complaint with one count of theft of mail. Herron was released on conditions following an initial appearance in federal court this afternoon.

Herron has been employed by the Postal Service since September 2005, and is currently a Manager of Customer Services at the Fall River Post Office. Prior to this position, he was the Supervisor of Customer Service at the Canton Post Office.

According to court documents, Herron tracked packages he suspected of containing narcotics and, rather than dealing with them appropriately, opened them and stole the contents for his own use. It is alleged that Herron profiled priority parcels from Puerto Rico and west coast U.S. states, and parcels flagged by law enforcement as potentially containing illegal narcotics, and then removed them from the U.S Mail stream. Herron tracked the suspected parcels through Postal Service databases and monitored their arrival at the Fall River Post Office. After their arrival at the FPO, Herron located the parcels and brought them to his personal office space, where it is alleged that he stole the narcotics and stowed them for personal use and possible distribution. These parcels often then disappeared from the mail stream altogether, and expected customers reported them as never being delivered.

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