Mailman throws away mail in Kelso, WA

Camera surveillance shows a mailman at an apartment complex in Kelso on Cowlitz Way, who at the end of his day, 6:00 P.M. Tuesday November 24th, 2020 made three trips from his mail truck to a dumpster discarding some outgoing mail that people were sending out to pay bills to PUD, Comcast, etc., and mail that was to be delivered to various places on Cowlitz Way, Lord St, Columbia St, Academy St. etc. in Kelso, WA.

Also hundreds of restaurant coupons that come out in ad sets once a month. Kelso police are now in possession of the mail in the pictures. It is unclear how many times this has happened before.

A special agent from the Office of Inspector General, USPS and did find out that although they thought it happened a day later than it actually did, they had already given who they suspected did this a few days off with no explanation of why. He has not delivered since Wednesday last week (this happened on Tuesday). The Office of Inspector General, USPS said this will be prosecuted out of Tacoma.


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