Mailman held at gunpoint and robbed over his delivery in east Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — An alert mailman and concerned neighbors helped police find the suspect who allegedly robbed the mailman at gunpoint in east Houston on Saturday, Nov. 28.

Sarah Gutierrez was out of town visiting family, but when her Ring doorbell camera buzzed, she picked up.

Gutierrez saw her normal mailman frantically knocking on her door and ringing the doorbell.

“Call the police,” he can be heard yelling through a rough connection. “Excuse me?” Gutierrez replied, trying to hear. “Call the police, I have been robbed.”

The mailman could then be seen running and knocking on the door of another neighbor, Corbin Dodge.

“He was in distress, called Ring for help. We weren’t able to answer immediately, but everyone pulled together to get the security camera footage to police,” said Dodge.

In the surveillance video reviewed by ABC13, you can see a man wearing a green hoodie, walking to the parked postal car. The view of the car is obstructed by a pole from the Ring camera footage, but soon after, you can see the man in the green hoodie take off with a bunch of mail under his arm.

The mailman, wearing a yellow rain jacket and with his mailbag over his shoulder, is seen running after the suspect.

The mailman was able to take down the license plate of the suspect’s car. That information, along with the surveillance video, helped police to quickly locate the suspect.


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