Mailbox Improvement Week begins May 19

The Postal Service will encourage customers to spruce up their mailboxes during Mailbox Improvement Week, an annual campaign that will be observed this year from Sunday, May 19-Saturday, May 25.

USPS wants mailboxes to be fully operational, safe to use, conveniently located and large enough to support each customer’s daily mail and package volume, among other requirements.

Mailboxes that meet these requirements help delivery and collection operations, which improve service to the entire route, according to USPS.

Postmasters must send Notice 209, Mailbox Improvement Week, to all rural and highway contract box delivery route customers the week before the campaign begins. Notice 209 can be ordered through the eBuy2 system.

The Postal Bulletin’s May 9 edition has more information

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Good luck with that,why put up a”sufficient”size box for mail and parcels when if it doesn’t all fit we take it to the door?

God forbid they have actually do their job, and knock on a door…lol. Welcome to grown up world, where being lazy…is a secondary option, and not being in diapers is a must. Lol.

Carriers do deliver to the door. I knock but don’t stand waiting. We have no idea if your home or in bathroom, some are mad because they were sleeping or kids are sleeping, your in middle of eating or cooking and all takes time to get to door. None of the other delivery services knock unless they need a signature. Volume has increased with everyone online ordering. So don’t call someone lazy until you actually know what they do. Come ride along on a day and see. We can’t get people to stay because it’s too much work. Apply, we… Read more »

That was a rude remark. There is no reason to call anyone lazy. I understand that it would be more efficient if the drivers could stay in their vehicle deliver your mail in your mailbox and drive on to the next box. That IS how they do their job where I live.

carriers are not supposed to knock on the door. They work 6-7 days a week 8-10 plus hours a day… lazy?