Mail Truck Falls Into Sinkhole, No Injuries — Changing Temperatures the Cause

A sinkhole that swallowed the front end of a U.S. Postal Service truck in Washington Tuesday was likely caused by this winter’s frigid temperatures.

The ruptured water line under Parkview Court caused sediment to shift and created a “void” under the concrete, according to John Nilges, director of public services.

As the driver of the mail truck circled the cul-de-sac during a mail route, water covering the street hid the sinkhole. There were no injuries and the truck was removed from the hole with little damage.

Nilges explained the line break was the second on the water main in two days. There had been multiple breaks in the line early Monday that were repaired.

The incident occurred about 4:30 p.m. A city crew was aware of the break and it was responding when the truck became stuck.

“He only saw the water coming out of the ground,” Nilges added. “It occurred before we could get there to secure the area.”


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