Mail truck erupts in flames in Sacramento County

A USPS spokesperson said the letter carrier safely escaped the vehicle, but 25 parcels were destroyed in the fire. A letter will be sent to all the customers on the postal route, explaining the fire.

“The safe delivery of the U.S. Mail is paramount to the Postal Service and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this incident has caused. The Postal Service prides itself on transporting and delivering mail in a safe and secure manner. This unfortunate incident does not reflect the service we are known for providing,” USPS said in a statement.

The fire comes after the USPS announced drivers would begin their routes as early as 5 a.m. to get holiday packages delivered.
Mail truck erupts in flames in Sacramento County

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Oh no another one. WTF are you waiting for to purchase new vehicle, .usps. maybe is time to take this to Congress before someone gets kill, or is that what you are waiting for.

How many LLVs are going to catch fire before we get new ones? We are spending who knows how much on scanners for next year, but still no new mail trucks. We carriers have enough to worry and stress about without having to worry about burning alive in a mail truck owned my a company who is supposedly all about safety.

At least now we know why management hesitate to do in truck route counts. Post office is broke. Management is broke, and financial broke. ????????????

Needs to be reported to the national transportation safety board. Carriers involved in these fires need to file reports. The USPS sure isn’t going to. These vehicles are death traps!