Mail truck catches fire on I-580 in Oakland

OAKLAND, CA — A U.S. Postal Service delivery truck caught fire Tuesday morning on Interstate 580 near Lake Merritt, officials said.

The fire sent bright flames and thick black smoke leaping from the truck. It was not immediately known how badly the truck was burned or if any mail was damaged.


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How many does that make so far this year?

I think this one is number 9 so far this year! Just sick!!

They didn’t say but I hope driver is ok

The driver is fine, wasn’t injured

This happens way too often


there goes another one.

Mother post office worried about run always roll always, when they need to be worry about the Number of LLV catching Fire, all because mother Post office STOP DOING TWICE A YEAR MAINTENANCE.
Our office has 10 vehicles down, and carriers afraid to write up vehicles because it takes MONTHS to get them back.

How do they deliver mail then? Do they have loaners, or rent something, use POV’s?

The song “another one bites the dust” just popped into my head when I saw this. Lmao. Ridiculous!

Lol that’s exactly way I said. I’m scared to drive the damn things now. Seems like 1 catches fire every week.

We have another one back at our VMF….just recently came in.

Samantha De LaCruz…here’s another one!!?

How many more is it going to take???? Seriously pull your heads out of your highly overpaid asses and address this issue before you kill people.

One of these days someone is going to die when one catches fire.

I’m glad I drive my own truck..sad how they are so much on safety but don’t seem to care about the trucks someones going to get hurt or killed so sad

How many does this make for 2017? Mine started smoking last week and I bailed!! I was sure it was on fire, just overheated though.

That is a bad area to have this happen as traffic whirls by you @80mph!

Death traps

I like how the person videoing just drives on by, no attempt to make sure the carrier was out and safe.

When you do write it up, you get it back with the same problems. Write it up four more times, no change. Not surprising this keeps happening.

That has happened in Billings too