Mail theft all bad action, inaction and maybe just acting

What took so long? And tell us more. Those are just the first responses to news an investigation is underway into mail theft and check fraud in Galveston, a more than $1 million enterprise and growing.
News of the investigation came from U.S. Rep. Randy Weber, interviewed briefly by a Daily News reporter in early October.
“There is an ongoing investigation involving leadership with the postal service,” Weber said. “They have boots on the ground and will leave no stone unturned. However, details of the investigation are not being released to ensure thieves do not catch on and alter tactics.”
We’re cautiously encouraged an investigation might be underway, although understandably skeptical. Because aside from the theft, violations of trust and financial wreckage for many, one of the most infuriating aspects of this entire debacle is a universal lack of action and communication by the government and the Postal Service.

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News demands how Postal Inspectors caught mail thieves; this will only help the future thieves in aiding them not getting caught. It appears that the News Outlets think mail theft is a simple crime to solve and can be resolved like they do on NCIS in just under an hour. In any given area where there is mail theft going on there are thousands of mail delivery points and hundreds of collection points. If the mail thieves are mobile striking on day and moving to the next city or even state this type of crime does not get solved overnight.… Read more »