Mail-in ballots from Las Vegas neighborhood found in road miles away

Inspectors from the Postal Service told the I-Team they believe a thief took the ballots from a neighborhood delivery box. The inspectors add it is likely the thief was looking for checks or credit cards and tossed the other mail.

“Hopefully I did my civic duty,” Layton said, adding if one of the ballots were his, he would want someone to do the same. “I knew I wouldn’t want my ballot to be on the side of the road. I’d want to get it in the mail and I thought it would only be fair for them to get theirs in the mail, too.”

Elections officials in Clark County stress if you find a ballot that is not yours, you should call 702-455-VOTE. Inspectors planned to be in the neighborhood Wednesday to try to solve how the ballots ended up 2 miles away — in a ditch.

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