Mail fraud, employee abuse allegations surface against Parker, CO post office

PARKER, Colo. – A former postal worker is speaking to Contact7 Investigates, alleging the US Post Office in Parker fired her from her job for reporting mail fraud and employee abuse.

“I’m surprised the public hasn’t really caught on to this,” said Kelli Scarzo, a former postal worker whose 10-year career as a mail carrier ended when she could no longer lie about delivering boxes and letters on time.

“Were you asked to scan parcels as if they were delivered, when they weren’t delivered?” asked chief investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski.

“Yes,” Scarzo said.

“Once? Twice? Multiple times?” Kovaleski asked.

“I couldn’t tell you how many times – many, many times,” she said, talking about a secret culture that lived inside a Parker post office located on Pony Express Drive, which she says lied to customers who were paying for overnight or two-day delivery service. “That evolved in to management… USPS management telling us to scan parcels illegally inside the post office as if they were delivered. They weren’t delivered.”

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left employment at the USPS after personal tragedy, in 1984. We continue to this day to purchase stamps and pay bills by mail. I wish there were more people paying and receiving statements in the mail. Fully support the hard working members of the USPS.