Mail found in Virginia Beach dumpster did not contain election ballots, US Postal Service says

The United States Postal Service is investigating after nearly 70 pounds of undelivered mail was found Thursday afternoon in a dumpster in Virginia Beach.

A home contractor told WVEC-TV he found the mail in the dumpster of one of his construction sites when he was doing a walk-through of a home.

Virginia Beach police confirmed that they were called about the mail at 1:34 p.m. Thursday. The dumpster where the mail was found was located in the 3200 block of Colechester Road, which is a neighborhood near Sandbridge.

Virginia Beach police then turned the investigation over to the USPS.

“There’s not a widespread incidence of this. It’s very rare,” Pete Brown with the USPS Office of Inspector General said in a phone call Friday afternoon.

Brown said all the mail was for Virginia Beach residents, and it was all found at one site.

Most of the mail was advertisements, according to Brown. He said there were not any election ballots in the discarded mail, which the postmaster said was about 70 pounds worth.

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