Mail delay blamed for uptick in turkey chick deaths

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – A slow down of operations at the US Postal Service is causing mail delays across the country but it’s not just paper mail and packages being held up — Bay Area farmers say the slowdown is costing them their livestock as well.

The US Postal Service is the only real option when it comes to transporting livestock and the owner of a small Sonoma County farm, says the slowdown of shipments is quite literally killing her turkey business.

“It took the turkey chicks so long to get here, they were half dead when I got them out of the box,” Anna Erickson, owner of Hands Full Farm in Valley Ford, said.

For the last decade she has sold eggs and various meat at local farmer’s markets.

Around this time every summer, she gears up for the Thanksgiving harvest and receives an overnight delivery of turkey chicks from a hatchery in Ohio.

However, the delivery last week took three days to arrive.

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