Mail carriers say the USPS is making it hard to take sick leave in the coronavirus pandemic, contrary to its public claims

Despite the United States Postal Service’s assurances that employees will be allowed “liberal” sick leave during the coronavirus pandemic, mail carriers say their bosses are making it incredibly difficult for them to take time off.

Business Insider spoke to two mail carriers, in California and Massachusetts, who detailed similar experiences. Both requested to remain anonymous to avoid retribution, but their identities are known to Business Insider.

The carrier in California, who works in a station outside Stockton, said he has yet to be paid for the 14 days he recently took off after a coworker tested positive for the coronavirus and he started feeling sick himself.

Meanwhile, the carrier in Massachusetts — who has worked for the service for 33 years — spoke of another employee who was told to come back to work after he was exposed to an infected customer.

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