Mail carrier tells TikTok the post office is hiring and carriers can make $67,000 yearly

@lukasthegiant THE POST OFFICE IS HIRING! Make more than 50k with benefits! #usps #hiring #please #compensation #work #pay #fyp #viral #werehiring #paying #youcandoit #comeon #postal ♬ original sound – Lukas

A United States Postal Service worker shared a TikTok, informing viewers that his job is hiring. But the video sparked a debate when he said he makes $67,000 per year.

The worker, Lukas (@lukasthegiant), says in a recently shared video that the post office is hiring. He claims that workers start at $20 per hour but have the potential to earn more than that. When post office workers work more than eight hours per day, they make “time and a half” of their hourly pay, he says. When they work more than 10 hours per day, they earn double their pay.


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Yeah, the CCAs work 60-70 hrs a week to make 60k a year. A mail carrier position takes 14 years to get to top pay of 68k per year without overtime. Hardly a great job for the amount of stress and work you have to do each day.

As a step 12 rural carrier my base salary is $78,000. $80,000 a yr is an easily obtainable salary for us. Easily.

Must be nice to be a CCA. A regular rural carrier and A rural carrier substitute (RCA) has an evaluation and once you go over that, you are WORKING FOR FREE.

most rca’s are working extra hours delivering pkgs and doing clerk work, and city side work too. Its nothing to work 50-60 hrs week.