Mail carrier pepper-sprays dogs, woman under quarantine from positive COVID test in Alpine, CA

On Tuesday, past 1 p.m., as the mail truck pulled up to her apartment off Tavern Road, her two 80-lb. dogs ran to the front door and started barking. She says the door was open but the screen door was shut, as the postal carrier stood outside, at the door, with something in his hand.

“They were instantly pawing at their face and backed up, and acting weird … jumping up and down and making a whining noise,” said Tamica.

Tamica believes the postal carrier had used his pepper spray. At that point, Tamica says the dogs jumped on the door and pushed it open. They ran out, and she ran after them. Tamica says the letter carrier sprayed toward one dog as it ran off, before turning to her other dog.

“I just jumped in front of my dog. He’s wasn’t doing anything. He wasn’t barking. He was just sitting there …. He’s a golden retriever and very friendly …

The postal carrier is spraying us, yelling and just spraying wildly,” Tamica said.

Tamica says that went on for about a minute, and it seemed liked forever.

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With a pack of dogs you don’t have the time to play with one dog as the othes circles behind you to their attack position.

Stupid story.It reads like my 9 year old wrote it.