Mail carrier caught on camera pepper-spraying dogs behind fence

DALLAS — The United States Postal Service is apologizing to a Dallas family after a letter carrier was caught on a home surveillance camera pepper spraying the family’s three dogs on his route for seemingly no reason.

The incident happened Dec. 13, 2018. In the video, you can see the letter carrier dropping off some mail at Giovanni Baena’s home.

When he walks away, you can see him shake up a can of mace and spray Baena’s three dogs, while they’re barking behind a fence.

The letter carrier then walks away and keeps delivering letters as if nothing happened. Baena pulled up his security footage when he walked outside and found his dogs disoriented. “They were barking a little more aggressively, and then they just stop,” Baena said. “I walked outside and caught a whiff, and it smelled like pepper spray. Then I saw it here on the fence and a spatter on the wood.”

Luckily, Baena’s dogs were ok. Baena admits that his dogs do bark but doesn’t know why someone would need to hit them with pepper spray — especially, when they’re behind a 6-foot-tall reinforced fence and not threatening anyone.


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