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Ian Watosky this , after the one you showed me, makes 14 this year.

They seem to like to burn. I’ve noticed seeing burned ones on fb isn’t that rare.

Just read a post about Canadian LLV’s and carbon monoxide poisoning. I wonder if their LLV’s also spontaneously combust like they do here in the states?

And the other way around. If Canadians are getting CO poisoning, how do we know we’re not being poisoned too?

I guess if we drive around with both windows down, we don’t have to worry?

Not necessarily. Just read that some co poisoning occurs even outdoors. Maybe battery operated co2 detectors. Suppose that’s too much to ask? “Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Cars Don’t ignore even the smallest hole in a muffler or exhaust pipe. Repair any damage or rusted areas, especially before winter. A garage or small space is not your friend. Don’t warm-up your car with the garage door down and if possible, open the door completely and make sure the exhaust is outside the garage. If your car is keyless and you park in an attached garage, do not forget to turn off the car. Each year, people are found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in their home and the cause… Read more »

I say we need fire extinguisher…this is ridoulous

I think we should refuse to drive them until they address what’s going on. My postmaster said that management is “in front of it” and that they had already remedied the faulty ignitions. Really? When? Why didn’t they tell us they were doing that?

Why aren’t they telling US what’s going on? They make sure they inform us everytime one of us has a “rollaway runaway” but have you had a safety talk regarding these fires? I had to bring up the subject, no one here would have heard anything about it.

They’re full of it. “Faulty ignition” isn’t the cause. Think fuel leaks and poor (no) maintenance. What are the odds that they all catch fire in the same basic pattern?

Just think how bad if one “combusts” while refueling.