Louis DeJoy’s big plan for USPS reform: rethinking its relationship with Amazon and other e-commerce players

Slowing down mail service — or lowering the standard the service is aiming for — could make USPS less competitive in a business environment that prizes speed. But for e-commerce, USPS is generally the choice of shippers who are less concerned about speed.
What could cause a shake-up in the e-commerce world is changes to the USPS’s workshare agreements.
“I’m evaluating workshare,” said DeJoy Wednesday.
Workshares with players like Pitney Bowes, UPS SurePost, DHL E-commerce, and others are arrangements where another company takes and sorts small packages, then transfers them to USPS for the last mile. They were designed as a way for USPS to bring in revenue while leaving some of the more expensive elements of delivery service (running large sortation centers and sometimes air freight) to other players.


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It’s not called ‘snail mail’ for nothing. We’ll be living up to the name. Thanks Louie! You are the best!

From the article some f****** idiot who knows nothing about what he’s talking about seems to think that Amazon is sending us all small little packages that fit in mailboxes and way less than a pound. Dumb s*** doesn’t understand they’re sending out 60 lb bags of dog food and 40 lb boxes of cat litter. So it’s not a stop at every mailbox everyday it’s just a drive down a nearly half mile long driveway everyday in the rural environment. The USPS is losing so much money delivering Amazon in rural areas. Case in point last week I ran… Read more »

It’s the same with political & non-profit mailings – those are mailed for a fraction a a cent compared to what the average Joe has to pay, by the ounce, for a first class letter