Louis DeJoy on why he’s slowing mail and raising prices at the USPS: “We have no money”

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy says this holiday season won’t be a repeat of last year’s, when — due to a pandemic-fueled increase in packages and a host of operational challenges — just 38% of the United States Postal Service’s nonlocal first-class mail arrived on time.

“We started early this year with our planning and we’ve expanded capacity and people, facilities, automation and transportation,” DeJoy told Marketplace’s David Brancaccio. “So tell all your listeners to send us their packages. We’re going to deliver them.”

This will be the first holiday season since DeJoy began implementing cost-cutting measures as part of a 10-year plan to pull the USPS out of financial difficulty brought on by years of declining mail volume and an onerous requirement that it prepay employees’ retirement health plans. DeJoy’s “Delivering for America” plan undertakes to slow the delivery of some mail, particularly to rural addresses, as well as to increase postage rates: on top of permanent price increases for sending letters and packages, there are temporary holiday surcharges of up to $5 in effect through Dec. 26.

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If WE have no money how is DeJoy(360,000)and his flunkies getting their big bonus.

x Does he even realize how much stupidity is coming from his vile mouth? Why do people on the right get so worked up they literally kill people and this piece of trash just coasts along with the raises?!


Every part of postal management is corrupt, incompetent, and liars. Someone prove me wrong. I saw it for thirty years.

If you have no money then cut back on the number of worthless supervisors you have in the stations

No money huh???
What about that extra 306,000.00?
That money you and your cronies on your board got as a bonus this year?
And you can’t even pay your postal carriers what they’re owed?
You sir are the epitome of a joke, you represent the good ol boy network and that is soon coming to an end, the watchdog group exposed you and imma do everything I can to inform EVERYONE POSSIBLE of your hippocracy. People like you are pieces of crap!

If the Post Office is low on funds, why does this piece of cheese rate a bonus!!???

The only corruption is Dejoy himself. He has ruined the USPS. He needs to get rid of carriers that steal. He needs to fire the postmasters that don’t do their jobs. Dejoy is so corrupt

Get hid of DeJoy and the board members that keep him in the post office. He’s a crook!

“We have no money.”
Oh no money? Except for the bonuses that he and his cronies got this year? Please. What a joke. What did all the hard working employees get the last two years working through the pandemic? I’ll tell you: nothing.
Get this guy out of the USPS.

The entire post office is a joke. It has nothing to do with the post master general Delivering nothing but junk is not substantial The powers to be already know this. Amozon has already kicked the post office ass


So now he’s blaming covid for him raising the rates. He began his terror on the usps way before covd became matter for the US of A.

Fire his azz and throw this traitor in prison where he belongs.

Louis DeStroy is a tRump appointee and a saboteur. He was positioned as Postmonster General in the USPS to bankrupt the service because it fits into the RW plan to privatize and control the flow of mail-in-ballots during election times. The second net effect is to dismantle the Postal Union which is 220,000+ strong. The reason? Most union employees vote democratically, which is anathema to any current conservative republicon. No on ever mentions the real reason USPS is struggling, which is due to the egregious mandate placed on the USPS to pre-pay 75 years worth of retirement benefits which saddled… Read more »

He is not doing the job, he’s l a. Crook

DeJoy walked into a mess. I feel he can turn this around and it needs to start at the top. God live each Carrier, Clerk ,, etc.. They are the under played going the last minute/mile. OPM and Dept Of Labor know the hours with few days off the Carriers have been subjected too,,,SLAVE LABOR at its finest,,,, yet allowed !!! There has to be Balance of work and home,,, no appreciation for the workers given. What about that HATCH ACT? top 2 unions all need held accountable!!

The Irving Park Station in Chicago their Manager has Angel Davis has no character to be a manager she is rude! & does not follow the USPS rules! They have given me hell! Also the Consumer Affairs! If your package doesnt fit in your mailbox! You get a notice! Well it took me almost 1 year to get this straighten out! Now they have 3 of my packages hostage! Yes i said hostage! Literally! This manager says they will not deliver it to my door! I live in a open complex easy and its a 2 -story ! For 2… Read more »


If we only had a competent postal service leader free of conflicts of interest and self-serving intent to destroy the service on which the nation depends, we would all be better off.

All together now….


De Joy ! is trump’s boy ! Louis DeJoy removed hundreds of optical scanners from service, and destroyed them ! How is Not a federal crime ! Yet postal management received their yearly bonuses !!! Weasel in the hen house.
The U.S. Postal Service has a 90% approval rating by our patrons, just the best Postal service in the world.
And 34% of Postal workers are veterans !!! President Biden must appoint pro labor, Board of Governors and Fire DeJoy, before he destroys this great Postal service !!!


My office hasn’t prepared at all other than some rental vans with no one to drive them. As a matter of fact, management has made it such a miserable place, that most of the new people hired have quit. As far as having no money, I wonder if the PMG is enjoying his bonuses and perks.

Seriously? There’s no money but he can open 45 new facilities? Oh, and he and his buddies not only get paid,, but get bonuses????
This guys an idiot. Get rid of him.

I am a rural carrier for USPS and have no idea where these 40,000 extra employees are that have been hired. In fact I am in a rural carrier Facebook group that has had multiplr post on this and no one one this site has seen any of this help. We have a small office (that has been rated overburdened by 150%). All 5 carriers in our office have zero subs and have been basically working 6 days a week for 2 years. The amount of Amazon packages we are dealing with on a daily basis is overwhelming and breaking… Read more »

OMG; this is unacceptable FIRE DE JOY! ANYBODY PLEASE!

SERIOUSLY! De Joy claiming NO MONEY in USPS, well he has money by all those back door DEALS he is making for him & his family, ALL $120 million of it!