Loudoun County postal worker stole packages before being shot by federal agent

The U.S. postal worker who was shot outside a Loudoun County post office this month was a package thief who tried to ram his car into a federal agent’s vehicle, police say.

Court records filed in Loudoun District Court say 32-year-old Nelson Clark Jr. was under investigation for stealing packages out of a Lovettsville post office when he was confronted by the Special Agent with the Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General. The documents say Clark was shot once in the arm after crashing his car into the agent’s vehicle Dec. 4.

Video footage from the scene showed a sedan in the parking lot with the drivers side door open and the window shattered.

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There is no Nelson Clark Jr listed on the USPS employee data site, so this POS must be a casual employee….and where in the hell is the USPS finding these employees?…prison work-release?….this POS looks like he just escaped from prison!!!….too bad for the betterment of society that the OIG agent didn’t kill him….he should have emptied his service revolver on this POS.