Looking to Cut Costs, New USPS Leader Takes Aim at Overtime and Late Trips

The U.S. Postal Service is cracking down on late trips in an effort to reduce labor and transportation costs, with the agency’s new top executive looking for ways to redesign its business model.

The cash-strapped USPS, whose poor finances have taken a further hit during the novel coronavirus pandemic, has instructed workers to leave each phase of their deliveries according to a set schedule, meaning some mail will likely be delayed. Louis DeJoy, who became postmaster general last month, directed the changes, which the Postal Service suggested could save $200 million.

“This operational pivot is long overdue and today, we are talking about the first step in a journey we must take together, for the health and stability of the Postal Service,” management wrote in a prepared “stand-up talk” delivered to employees around the country in recent days. “The shifts are simple, but they will be challenging, as we seek to change our culture and move away from past practices previously used.”

In the first phase of changes, network, plant and delivery trips must take place on time. Late trips, which can lead to overtime, are no longer authorized, according to two memoranda, first reported by PostalNews.com. Another document explaining the policy said overtime would be eliminated soon, with “more to come” to explain the shift in the near future. Any mail that cannot be delivered without overtime will be held for the next day.



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So cutting service is the first step. When your only product is service, to reduce it is the way to privatization.
Next, cutting personnel to ensure the mail is delayed.

I strongly agree with changes for the post office, I understands there’s more overtime to worked the mail, but, still mail left behind, and not only that , according to eliminating 204B, Details , that will be a big change for the operational process of mail each unit, staffing each operational unit in the workforce will make a difference in the postal environment, also, they don’t have to moved people from their operational bids and shutdown our unit to s@tisfied their needs. Because they don’t have staffing, As for dispatching mail in an everyday, we need drivers, staff, to moved… Read more »

Many routes were eliminated in most offices before Online ordering and Amazon. This was a total game changer . Adjust routes back to 8 hours add the lost routes to get back to 8 hour routes. Ask Mr. Big Shot what to do with 10 open routes on any given day due to injuries in the job and sick calls and vacation schedules. Everything looks good on paper . 31 plus years experience. Seen it all.

My exact thought. At my station we have a lot of open routes so virtually if we dont do overtime that mail can literally sit there for weeks. And no one is working in extra work for less pay. We do work hard

They are forcing the CCAs with all the overtime which will cause problems. Over 13 hrs 6 days a week will be a disaster. Not to mention the safety of the citizens and the carrier driving under lack of sleep. Exhaustion and no respect for the profession from someone who doesn’t and never carried mail. Sounds to me like the only job he’s trying to do is destroy the one thing that isn’t owned by politicians but is the American people’s. I smell sabotage for political reasons and there is no place for it in the one place every person… Read more »

Kathy this the way Cheyenne operated for the 39 yrs I was always bringing about 20 hrs over time a pay period. They payed a lot V time in their though the years . They make big changes but it is a pig lip stick and still 20hrs in overtime. They really can’t see that the carrier on a park an loop is still walking the same distance The difference is first class mail is not their and on the decline.

If it wasn’t for my moms mail carrier my mom would have died, she notice that my mom did not get her mail out of her box, she knock on her door heard her cry saved her life

If you can’t get the mail out without overtime and hold it till the next day and that days mail adds to it….how do you expect it to get delivered without overtime the next day? Just food for thought

Volume is not the same everyday. OT is not needed daily!

This is an effort to destabilize the post office and make it ripe for privatization. In the short term this new PMG will disrupt the USPS’s ability to fulfill its mission to the extent that by November the USPS will be incapable of delivering America’s mail-in ballots on time to be counted in the election. Our Dictator has made it clear that he opposes mail-in voting (recognizing correctly that the more votes that are counted the less chance he has for reelection). Now that he has stacked the USPS board with his yes men and installed one of his worshipping… Read more »

Our President will win again and mail in voting is fraudulent. Haven’t you watched the arrest of people in different states that are caught?! The postal service will survive and families won’t be FORCED to work OT and penalty OT. Not all of us mismanage our finances. Do your job like a good postal employee should and vote RED in December! Could you imagine creepy, sleepy, thoughtless Joe Biden in the basement being President?! You wouldn’t have a postal service because everybody would go postal without an ambulance to pick up the bodies!!!! No more policeman which eliminates postal police… Read more »

Cut cost!! “Falling prices” sounds familiar. Walmart took over, built a monopoly. Then after driving everyone out of town, hire only part time (we all know the quality workers at the retail giant) after that prices skyrocket!!!
Sounds like an original idea Postmaster General!
The post office was one of the last decent jobs for veterans and many others who couldn’t get into college for whatever reason. So how many voters did Trump loose here? I hope once he is gone your door will open as well.

P.O. needs to charge Amazon more since they are literally saving the company in delivery fees!! Amazon yearly membership is just over $120.00 per yr. and P.O. delivers on Sunday LOSING money!!! What?!?!?! That is only one example of mismanagement. That company will ALWAYS have the job for a veteran-a job with “veteran preference”. That is why it’s called the United States and United States Postal Service. President Trump is taking care of the veterans because Obama didn’t!! Best military in over 70 years!


Hate Amazon sunday

The postal service needs leadership who understands operational cost. Since the postal service contracts with Fed Ex since way back in the 90’s (billions of $ contract), they no longer could guarantee delivery even with todays tracking tools online. Example: (Express and Priority). USPS needs a serious overhaul from the years of abuse/mismanagement/unqualified supervision! Explain to me how this organization doesn’t have logistics at certain cities in all 50 states as long as they have been in operation?!?!?!?!? I’ll wait…. They wouldn’t need a competitor like Fed Ex. and now they deliver for UPS! The democratic way we see!! Mail… Read more »

Of course the post office would cut things officially, they already do it unofficially! they are a failure all together. I’ll be glad when they go out if business! They suck!

A lot of people would be out of jobs. We all worked day and night since this pandemic started. Not being able to see our families in fear we would get them sick and you say we suck? I will pray for you. You obviously have other issues

Haters going to hate

I read that all rts will only have 4 park points! How the hell am I going to deliver 413 stops with 4 park points. Mr. DeJoy , you need to put on your walking shoes and come out with me any day you want when it’s 110 degrees out here in Florida and show me how to do that!

My thoughts exactly put up or shut up

Has anyone heard of what the new post master plans to do with CCA’s? Like, is he planning on laying us off, or working us more? Also, if usps is privatized what exactly does that mean for CCA’s and regulars?