Local businesses say outgoing packages stuck for ‘weeks’ at USPS distribution center in Indianapolis

Out of this makeshift workshop in the basement of a family’s Olyphant home will come hundreds of Christmas gifts for people across the globe.

Joanne Sepinsky and her husband Jason create custom glassware and other home decors for their business, J&J Designz.

They’ve recently heard from customers who’ve been waiting on orders to be delivered to their doorsteps for weeks now.

“We originally were thinking they were lost because there was no tracking information being provided past December 1st,” said Joanne Sepinsky of J&J Designz.

She reached out to her local post office, which informed her that priority mail was taking two to three weeks to reach people, instead of the usual one to three days.

“I was floored. Because there is nothing out there to indicate that – I mean, you hear about delays, but nothing that much,” said Sepinsky.

The Sepinskys’ business is entirely online; they do everything out of their home and ship to customers all over the world.

They rely heavily on the postal service.

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Well pay UPS of FedEx to ship your items oh that’s right they charge the correct amount to mail a package…you get what you pay for

A business on my route tried to order a large pick up on the week leading up to election day. The district had already been using volunteer carriers from out of state and was still skipping deliveries for days at some addresses and bit the bullet to inform them no way. Having federal judges mandating other services helped in giving them the courage to do that. If the service were more transparent instead of lying to say we can do it when we can’t for lack of resources there would be less public anger.