LLV fire – March 1, in Prescott, Arizona

Visitor Submission:

There was an LLV fire Wednesday, March 1, in Prescott, Arizona. Carrier was done with the route and heading back to the office, around 3:30 pm.


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Have they taken the fire walls out of all the trucks?

The fire burned through the firewall, and it burned so hot that the windshield bowed out.

they will have that ready to get back on the road by the weekend

Oh, it’s been back for a few days already.

Amy DuMont Griffin

Who was driving it on what route

I sent you a PM. management said they didn’t want it posted on social media. :-

Yeah I saw crazy shit glad he’s ok I didn’t even know

Do these fires really surprise anyone that’s drives these trucks??


thats not a fire….this is a fire

I won’t stretch the truth, I resigned due to heat exhaustion and workload from an LLV equipped office. Secure the vehicle constantly = 125-140f in that vehicle. I could’ve brewed tea in my water bottle.

Death traps

What shocks me is that they don’t even require a damn fire extinguisher….