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What’s that now .

Oh my I am glad they got out safely

So it’s the carriers fault for not catching the leak? Unbelievable..I thought my Jeep was a POS but these things win!

That’s was thinking too. Our morning check list does not include tranny leaks

I wouldn’t even know what to look for

Best way is to look where you park for fluid on ground. Then write a tag and pray your supervisor faxes it to VMF.

Checking under the hood is not on the list.

so on top of everything else postal workers have to be mechanics too but mechanics get payed a whole lot more per hour

You don’t have to be a mechanic, but you drive the vehicle every day and should know when something is wrong with vehicle. Maybe better drivers training is in order.

It’s ALWAYS the carrier’s fault. Even the Safety (“cluster”) Committee blames the regular. We drive broken down pieces of crap & somehow it’s our fault.

That’s a crv/ffv. It has the side window.

Lorraine Jennifer Kylis

Is there a fire retardant barrier between our feet and the engine?

We told y’all it got hot in the summer…

Is this 25 this year?

Stephanie Warrick-Shattuck eyyyyyyy

Mindy Shaw Kubina

Think maybe they’ll fix mine if they see this?

Mindy Shaw Kubina I see these pics all the time on here! They want to promote safety but your job is not safe! I worry for you!

I think I’m starting to worry now as well. I’m starting to get daily headaches from the gas smell.

That’s not good! ?you put your life on the line riding in that thing!!


Problem is Po won’t fix until they won’t move, so go fix that one

I’ve reported many problems well ahead of a breakdown. Unfortunately they don’t seem to do prevention repairs.

I’m kinda scared now

That a FFV not an LLV.

This is why I carry hot dogs with me!

exactly what is wrong with my vehicle at the present.I write it up and all the mechanic does is add more transmission fluid without a thought of me telling him it is leaking

My LLV broke down 2 weeks ago. Said it was the fly wheel. While having a our city LLV mid route it decides not to crank. I mean completely dead. They said it was the battery. The relief LLV for that one ran without the key and when the supervisor turned the switch off the whole collum locked up, the key wouldn’t even go in the switch. Than I got my LLV back 2 days jump in it, cranked it, released e-brake, pulled it in gear and mashed the gas and quit. Remind you 4 breakdowns in 11 days. Two… Read more »

already got one ready to sit on that frame

Geney Gulley