Letter carrier refusing to wear mask is causing important mail for seniors to be delayed

SAN ANTONIO – A postal worker’s alleged refusal to deliver mail is putting disabled and elderly tenants in a tough spot.

The property requires all delivery workers to wear masks and have their temperature taken.

Because the mailman refuses to comply, renters there say their important medication, letters, and packages have been delayed.

“I want my mail delivered and I also want to be safe from COVID-19,” said long-time tenant James Hamilton.

To help keep people safe, the San Antonio Housing Authority wants letter carriers to wear masks when delivering mail at Lewis Chatham Apartments.

The Southside mid-rise is full of elderly and disabled tenants. Some of whom are waiting on medications, medical supplies and monthly checks to be delivered to live and fulfill their financial responsibilities.

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The union has an agreement/ memorandum of understanding that employees don’t have to wear masks unless the state authorities mandated it. The are 37 of these MOUs and it gets worse. Hope your carrier likes you because if they don’t your screwed. The unions are running the post office into the ground let it go bankrupt

You were doing well until your last sentence

Very simple solution.Have the building set up as a single drop and let the building make arrangements to disseminate the mail. Or you could assign the delivery to carrier willing to wear mask and have temperature taken voluntarily. Since it is voluntary this would not violate the current rule.

Good, I’m glad the carrier is not wearing the “mask” they tell us that social distancing is required, well if I’m distanced, then why wear a mask? Carriers are working 12 hour days in the heat, no days off during this time. We don’t have time for temp checks, wearing a masks outdoors and indoors, some of us have upper respiratory problems which make wearing masks not an option. Simple solution, have the property manager pick up the mail at the post office, or let the carrier drop mail off at the door and the property manager can pick it… Read more »

Masks are mandatory in Salt Lake County and our mail carrier refuses to wear a mask in our elderly facility. We love him and I’ve tried to reason with him but he still won’t wear a mask. I’m afraid to complain due to the backlash that can cause my residents to not receive their medication or important mail. We’ve not had the best luck having competent carriers and finally have someone who gets it right a lot of the time. But the safety of my residents is paramount. Guess I’ll be forced to go through official channels and just hope… Read more »

Except for him those “few minutes” multiplied by his 100+ stops on his route is hugely inconvenient. Especially since all YOU have to do is go pick it up yourself or have a place for him to drop it outside. Problem solved, your welcome.