Letter carrier attacked by three pit bulls during route

A U.S. Mail letter carrier is recovering after she was attacked by three pit bulls during her route in Hilliard.

Lacey Cassidy wears an arm sling with her arm wrapped in a heavy bandage.

” I have never pleaded with an animal in my life,” Lacey Cassidy said. “All I could do was please, don’t, please, I was just terrified.”

Last Friday while on her route on County Road 108, Lacey Cassidy made a stop at a home that required a signature.

She said she went to the front door to obtain the recipient’s signature when she said a pit bull charged through the pet door.

“He latched onto my arm here, and one after the other the other two came out,” she said.

Pictures taken at the medical center show the extent of the injuries. She sustained multiple puncture wounds in her arm and a large gash on her finger.

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