‘Lesson Learned’: Man Shares Unbelievable Way USPS Delivered His Package

A music lover was in disbelief after seeing how his postal package had been delivered, with his vinyl parcel crammed into the mailbox, effectively destroying it.

Redditor Jakefrmstatepharm shared the frustrating images of the bent box, and the unsheathed record, to the site’s Vinyl forum.

“Moved recently, this is how USPS [United States Postal Service] delivered my first record to the new house,” he captioned the image.

The inception of the USPS is linked to Benjamin Franklin in 1775, and it would become a permanent fixture of the federal government in 1792, with the passing of the Post Office Act.

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Happens all the time, package says “Do Not Bend” and I find it stuffed into my mailbox. Glad to see this story out in the news so the USPS can train up some of those that think this is OK.