League Of Women Voters, NAACP File Suits Over Pa. Voting

The NAACP and the League of Women Voters filed separate state and federal suits in Pennsylvania on Friday challenging the Keystone State to improve how it will conduct the November election in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NAACP’s suit, filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, said that fewer, consolidated polling places, repeat-touch voting machines and limited options for early voting or mail-in voting during the June 2 primary had abridged people’s right to vote, particularly in minority communities. The League of Women Voters’ federal suit, filed in the Eastern District, said the current setup for checking mail-in and absentee ballots didn’t give voters enough notice to correct their ballots if their signatures didn’t match their voter registration, leading some votes to be improperly discarded.

The NAACP asked the state appellate court for an injunction directing election officials to establish enough in-person polling places so no one should have to wait more than half an hour or travel more than half a mile from their previous polling place; create “satellite locations” for requesting, distributing and returning mail-in ballots; and require masks and paper ballots at polling stations, among other measures.

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