Lawmaker pushing for action after Phoenix postal worker cooks steak in vehicle

Over the course of about two hours, a USPS worker was able to cook a steak to medium temperature by setting it on the dashboard of their vehicle.


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i had a can of soda explode in my mail truck the other day, which can only happen at 120+ degrees.

I work in similar temps in inland California, and it’s not uncommon to see 110 plus degrees inside the cab, which is often our only source of shade. In addition, the fans that are mounted on the dashboard to circulate air only work when the engine is running, so it’s only usable when traveling. That means where there’s stops of 4,4.5 up to 30 minutes or more between travel time, there is no circulating air inside the cab and temps rise. I might also point out that our district office denied purchasing bottled water for the carriers because they deemed… Read more »

Why don’t workers bring a reusable water bottle? Then they can refill them and there is less pollution. It’s takes personal responsibility to be environmentally conscious.

USPS is all talk and no show.

Messages on our scanner and stand up talks covers the postal service from liability.

I have pics of my postal vehicle reaching 138.9° on the floorboard by 1pm in Florida.

It goes to show you that Fred Rolando and the NALC suck for letting these conditions to get out of hand by selling out to management to make routes longer and intentionally understaffing office to do a mythical under time pivots so management could get their bonuses. Fred Rolando and the NALC is the defender of management not the letter carrier.

My postal vehicle got a flat tire out on the route. I waited as n extra 2 hours out in the Arizona heat 110 degrees that day…when I asked for a little assistance because the parcels were heavy due to Amazon prime day I was told no that regular carriers dont get help…..I was so mad…..

Interesting….doesn’t CCA stand for City Carrier Assistant? Just sayin’

Funny… I remember when I worked for the Postal Service… They ordered some Semi trucks, which came standard with air conditioning, but they paid to have the a/c removed from them.

I don’t know if it is true but I heard a similar rumor about the Ford Windstars when they were bought as an interim replacement for the letter carriers retired jeeps

Pretty sure the Postal Service report that I read this in, probably wasn’t a rumor.

freezer in the winter, oven in the summer. USPS doesnt care about their employees one bit

Wow! UPS and US Postal Service should not be a to endure extreme heat without accommodations for workers!,especially when TAX FREE AMAZON has the privilege of driving around air conditioned vehicles!

Wow that hit home so true. So horrible

Mercede’s at that

Could you imagine the howling that would have occurred if the USPS bought a Mercedes? When that explosion in the number a size of parcels happened we did need that vehicle though but had to wait a couple of years for Dodge to reverse engineer the Mercedes which had trail blazed that class of vehicle, to produce a politically acceptable van with a US company logo on it

Post offices are changing start times to even later which leaves carriers out longer . They tell us to take breaks then when the heat gets too much and we do , we get questioned about why we were sitting too long .
We can’t even get our mail trucks on time , which puts us out even later .
It’s no secret the post office doesn’t care about their employees .

True, the dual message of the CYA take breaks scanner messages with teams of scanner monitors looking for stationary events and deviations, to find shade, is also something not dealt with before. It would have taken the rare supervisor to write you up for a street observation of parking under a tree instead of the “approved” location. Along with starting later because of DPS the modern letter carrier is on the street, in the heat, almost twice as long as the generations of carriers from before. Sure a machine can load ever increasing amounts of mail, but eventually it still… Read more »

My scanner tells me to wear more clothes so when I get hot I can take them off. Brilliant.

I saw that today too. Had to laugh as it was so absurd.

I’m a medically retired letter carrier from Texas. If any of you took the very first ASP test (Associate Supervisor Program) in the Houston District several years ago, I am here to advise you that the program was rigged. I ended up filing a grievance, then later a federal lawsuit over the matter. They said that they were seeking the “Best of the Best” for management training. However, some of those admitted into the program failed the test, with some scoring 60% on some parts of the test. How do I know? Because the USPS had to turn over everyone’s… Read more »

Don’t worry my fellow carriers, as long as your shoes have the green tags, you’ll be just fine!!

Medium rare I hope.

And now they want us to add another layer of clothing by wearing safety vests? Really USPS? Just another case of someone higher up trying to validate their reason for employment.

I surprised by all of these comments on the LLV’S. The vehicles I drove worked absolutely perfectly. They had heat in the summer and a/c in the winter. Not to mention how well suited rear wheel drive vehicles are to drive on unplowed country roads in Minnesota with subzero temperatures. It always amused/confused/annoyed/frustrated me at how my employer could constantly preach Safety,Safety,Safety then set us up for failure by expecting the job to be done using unsafe equipment. Then push us to do the job in a ridiculous time frame. I even joined the safety committee to collaborate with management… Read more »

Georgia is the same in the summer. My postal regulated shoes melted in the truck (new ones). So I decided to take a thermometer inside my vehicle and during the hottest time of the day (2ish thru 4ish) hit 150°. You need more than hydration to keep you going. Postal Service hasn’t figured out exactly what to change, but if something happens best believe they’ll find something to blame us carriers to be at fault.

The USPS had the air conditioning removed when they came out with the first LONG LIFE VEHICLES (LLV’s) in Texas because they didn’t want the workers spending too much time in the vehicles wasting gas. It cost extra to have the A/c removed. You have the same problem in the winter with freezing feet because the heaters don’t do the job. The USPS training on these issues is to issue a morning statement and then if something happens you were warned. A dog bite can get you written up. Between the weather, supervisors, dogs, and daily idiots, everyday brought some… Read more »

Guaranteed there will be an investigation on this, but not about the heat in the vehicles. The investigation will concern which carrier did this and gave it to the press, then they will discipline the carrier.

My LLV fan quit working for three weeks in 90 degree heat. I finally refused to to use the LLV which was then swapped with another carrier until mine was fixed. Management told us what is unsafe for one carrier may be safe for another!

It frustrates the hell out of me as an RCA that I’m not allowed to use my POV, which has AC and 4×4, during these extreme weather conditions if an LLV is available. I make it well known that i would prefear my pov over an llv any day of the week!

I called our Postmaster and told her that I wasn’t feeling well that the heat was killing me. I was told there was no one to help me and that I was going to just have to keep going! I told her that wasn’t how this was going to happen that I was just informing her that I was behind and not feeling well, that if I got to the point that I felt like I had no choice but to come in for my own safety that I was going to. This Post master did not come check on… Read more »

Postmasters only care about their family and bonuses. They hire their family and get them inside ASAP to keep them out of the elements. They know it’s extremely hot. Poor design of the LLV. No insulation under floor to deflect the heat from engine and union won’t do anything about it. Retired now for five years. I feel for you guys

If yI unread the article the Postal Service spokesperson released a statement saying someone was checking on the carriers on the street. Has anyone out there been checked on? I haven’t.

They check on us all the time! The managers sit in their a.c. offices and watch the screen to make sure the scanner is still moving.