Law enforcement and USPS issue alert about scam that could impact your personal information

A warning tonight from the U.S Postal Service and area law enforcement to stay alert for a new scam that’s sweeping the nation. It’s a scam aimed at stealing your identity and your money.

It’s called the “change of address scam” investigators say people are being ripped off and they aren’t even aware it’s happening.

Investigators say the scammers use a basic change of address form to divert mail from your house to a location where they can access your mail and the contents inside. They can do that by obtaining a change of address form inside your local post office or by going online and filling out the same form.

State Police in Hazleton say they are getting calls from victims just about every day.

“They want sensitive information that leads to them getting money. They will get your money or get your address so they can receive things like Birthday cards, holiday cards, gift cards things like that where they can use it whatever they want,” said Trooper Anthony Petroski, Community Services Officer

Troopers say above and beyond that, they can steal your personal identity and possibly gain access to your financial accounts.

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Good thing Change of Address can be submitted online

Seems as though that’s what they have been doing, using the change of address online.