Lafayette Post Office Location is Atrocious—and Quite Frankly, We Deserve Better

When the Bertrand Drive Post Office first opened, not that many years ago, businesses and residents in the area were delighted to have a post office on that side of town. It was attractive, bright inside, fresh and the staff was very friendly. Look at it now.

The Bertrand Drive Post Office is a prime example of what happens without proper management, a maintenance budget or both.

The inside is not much better. Hardly any of the light fixtures have working bulbs, the ceiling is filthy from HVAC vents, wall billboards haven’t had any attention in ages, emergency lighting dangles from the wall and a mail accessories area that is understocked.

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Same at our post office mold visible in ceiling in work area nothing done no water fountain general area dirty spider webs I keep my area clean but I can not clean entire post office no one cares