Katie Porter decimates Louis DeJoy’s leadership of USPS with a sharpie

Democrat congresswoman Katie Porter has decimated Louis DeJoy for his leadership of the United States Postal Service (USPS) amid concerning figures for “on time” deliveries.

Ms Porter, with the aid of a whiteboard and marker pen on Friday, pointed to a damning audit of USPS deliveries after Mr DeJoy was appointed by Donald Trump last year.

Appearing via video link during a House oversight committee hearing in Chicago, the Democrat ran through the results from the audit that found “that by the spring of 2020 [on time] mail delivery was right around 92 per cent,” before collapsing by January.

She held-up a whiteboard with a chart showing how “on time” USPS deliveries went from about 92 per cent in the spring of 2020 to around 61 per cent by January of 2021.

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Did she forget that we had a pandemic and while everyone stayed home and ordered online, USPS continued working delivering parcels at more than double normal volume!!!

And who cares what any Democrat thinks. The current administration has run this country into the ground with record inflation, record fuel when heating oil prices …a disgusting disgrace. Democrats destroy everything they touch. For the most part the post office has been run by Democrats for many decades and is in the hole billions every year There’s going to be some pain in the transition from making the post office profitable. Dejoy is the only chance the post office has. Why do you think Democrats are pulling at their lowest in 40 years? It’s time to abandon these idiots.… Read more »

If only you knew what exactly is going on within the USPS. It’s not political!!! I am a retired postal employee since May 2019. I am a Veteran, who after my 23 year military career, I took my service to USPS. Since September 1998 I have witness first hand spiraling decline. It s not new!!! In those 23 years plant closures and consolidations. PMG changes and a host of perpetuating circumstances have occurred. Walk the work floor for a shift x23years before spewing charts with numbers. Bias is not a reason…… As a DAV I have never had a problem… Read more »

Ok, how come she doesn’t understand direct deposit