Kansas mailman hit the top prize in the $100,000 Crossword lottery

TOPEKA, Kan. (KCTV) — A Kansas City, Kansas mailman is now $100,000 richer thanks to the Kansas Lottery.

Paul Johnson hit the top prize in the $10 $100,000 Crossword.
“I didn’t realize at first how much I had won,” Johnson said. “I was on my way to the office and I knew I had won something but didn’t know how much. It wasn’t until I was leaving for my route that I took a second look and counted how many words I had!”
Johnson told his supervisor about his good luck, and went to put the ticket in a safe place at his father’s house while he finished his route for the day.
“I’m not exactly sure what my long-term plans are with the winnings yet,” said Johnson. “The first thing I’m going to do is pay off any debt I have. It’s going to be awesome to be debt-free! Other than that, I’m not a super extravagant guy. Mostly I’m excited to share my good fortune with my family.”

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