Judge Warns Postal Service Of ‘Price To Pay’ After It Downplays Defying Court Order To Search For Ballots

The U.S. Postal Service said in court Wednesday that it did sweep its facilities for any undelivered ballots Tuesday in key battleground states despite not complying with a court-ordered deadline to do so—but a federal judge warned that USPS will likely face consequences for ignoring the “very important court order” on Election Day, and ordered the agency to sweep for ballots in Texas Wednesday before the state’s mail-in ballot deadline.

Department of Justice lawyers representing USPS said at a status conference Wednesday afternoon there “wasn’t enough time” to get postal inspectors to postal facilities by 3 p.m. as the court had demanded, but that the sweeps themselves happened “even if the timing did not.”

Sullivan, however, said he was “not pleased about” USPS not following the court order and the agency should have told the court they wouldn’t be able to comply with the order before the deadline so he could adjust it, saying the agency’s lack of compliance “leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.”

Sullivan said “someone might have a price to pay” for defying the court order and his concerns about the USPS “[start] at the top of the food chain,” suggesting he will ultimately depose Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to testify before the court.

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Louis DeJoy should be jailed and imprisoned. He deliberately interferred with the delivery of the mail-ballots for an election. If an average citizen had done this and not a multi millionaire whose family donated millions (DeJoy’s SISTER is also Secretary of Education even though she’s spent millions lobbying AGAINST public education in America). Unfortunately the Republican controlled senate will do nothing. Trump knows that Republicans have suppressed the votes of the poor and blacks/latinos in this country for decades but he’ll play the victim anyway. Damn Democrats for voting by mail in the middle of a deadly pandemic!! He’s just… Read more »


Postal management is above any and all laws